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Why to choose Punjab State Lottery?

Punjab State Lottery is an authorized Retailer agency who deals in both Punjab State Lotteries Schemes that is Punjab State Bumper lotteries and Punjab State Weekly Lottery. We also sell third lottery scheme that Everest Weekly Lottery which is commonly known as “Goa State Lottery” operated under Goa State govt.We are also trying our best to provide all other lottery schemes of India from this very portal only.We strive hard to make purchasing Punjab state lottery easy for its customers. And in the same light, PunjabStateLottery are the first and only agency which provides its customers online payment facility under which they can easily make payment of your lottery order and consequently get tickets delivered at your place.We have now introduced this e-commerce store for purchasing PunjabStatelottery schemes in fast, reliable and hassle free way to expand the sphere of our services to all states of India so that interested people can participate in these Lottery schemes too to try their luck in becoming Crorepati or Lakhpati.

Punjab State Lotteries We Deal In

There are Two types of Lottery Schemes Punjab State Lottery is offering currently. First one is Punjab State Bumper Lottery Scheme, Second One is Punjab State Weekly Lottery Scheme. Under Bumper Lottery, Punjab Govt issues four major Bumper lotteries which includes Punjab State Baisakhi Bumper or Punjab State Lottery Baisakhi Bumper online, Punjab State Rakhi Bumper and Punjab state Maa lakhsmi Bumper lottery. In Bumper Lottery Scheme, First Prize Money is 1.75 crore(2 prizes) for each series which is guaranteed to public and many big prizes are there under it as well. In Punjab State Weekly lottery Scheme, Jackpot Prize is 5 lakh. Try your luck in any two of them by calling on 89686-25080 or directy buy it from above PAYUMONEY Button. .

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We see many lotteries in India or we can say lottery schemes in India which are being issued and operated by many state governments to increase their revenues. We cant deny that these lottery schemes turned fates of many overnight in last 3 decades. State govts that offer such lottery schemes are Punjab State Lottery, Kerala State Lotteries, Goa State Lotteries, Sikkim State Lotteries and many more. Among them, Punjab State Lottery is quite famous for its sales and people from whole India participate in it. It has made many crorepaties and countless lakhpaties till now. Under Punjab state Lottery, Two major lottery schemes are being run and administered i.e Punjab State Weekly Lottery & Punjab State Bumper Lottery. In Punjab Weekly Lottery Scheme, Punjab govt sets prize money of 5 lakh for the winner and offers many other big prizes as well in addition to mega prize of 5 lakh. You can order it online here. Result of this lottery gets declared every wednesday and you can find result of latest and old weekly lottery draws here.

Under Bumper Lottery Scheme, Punjab Govt issues four major bumper lotteries every quarter in a year which are as follows:
1. Punjab State Lottery Baisakhi Bumper lottery , 2017
2. Punjab State New Year Bumper lottery, 2016
3. Punjab State Rakhi Bumper lottery, 2016
4. Punjab State Maa Lakshmi Diwali Bumper lottery, 2017

Amongst the four written above, Punjab State Lottery Baisakhi Lottery 2017 is quite popular and manage to attract people to participate in it in huge numbers. One of the reason of it being successful is it is being issued in the month of Sept end. and it expires in the month of November mid. So, after making best out of the diwali season, we love to spend our diwali business earnings on Punjab State Baisakhi Bumper . Moreover, another reason is that people common belief that DIWALI may bring money and happiness for them. So, they dont mind investing mere Rs.100 on Baisakhi 2017 as the possible return is huge that can turn lives of many.

Punjab State Baisakhi Lottery 2017, is already in market for sale these days and is being sold heavily over all India in addition to Punjab. Punjab Govt. has issued it in two series like before i.e A & B. It has issued 10 lakh Baisakhi Bumper tickets under each series. First Prize has been increased to 1.75cr in comparison to last year which was 1cr only. This time govt has also surprised Punjab State lottery community by giving an option of choosing either 1.75cr or a 500sq. yard plot in Mohali which was a good initiative from Punjab govt we must say.

Other Prizes under Punjab State Baisakhi Bumper 2017 Lottery are as follows:
Punjab State Lottery Govt guarantees 1st & 2nd prize mentioned above to the public which means it will not declare first & Second Prize for the tickets unsold. By doing that, they try to gain our trust on Punjab State Lottery 2016 schemes if you see.Punjab State Lottery Baisakhi Bumper 2017 result will be declared on 20.04.2016 as per govt notification. SO its almost 70 days left for you to participate in it. SO, try your luck with Punjab State Lottery this time and join the community of bumper lottery winners by proud.

Punjab State Lottery has come up with NEW Bumper Lottery scheme for its customers worldwide that is PUNJAB STATE Lottery Baisakhi Bumper 2017 after huge success of Punjab State Rakhi Bumper, 2016. Punjab State Baisakhi Bumper 2017 has been issued in two Series that is A and B. Under both series, Punjab Govt has issued 20lakh lotteries each for both series. First prize under Punjab State Lottery Baisakhi Bumper Lottery 2017 is 1crore each for both A & B series which means First prize totals to 2crore.
It has many big to small prizes as well else than first Mega Prize. Punjab State Lottery issues FOUR Major Bumper Lotteries in India on FOUR major festivals that is Punjab State Lottery Baisakhi Bumper, Punjab State New Year Bumper, Punjab State Rakhi Bumper and Punjab State Diwali Bumper. All these Punjab State bumper Lotteries have first prize ranging between Rs. 1cr to 2 cr mostly and have many big prizes in huge numbers in addition to First prizes.

Many around the world try their luck on every Punjab State bumper and have become crorepaties and lakhpaties today. So, YOU CAN BE THE NEXT CROREPATI OR LAKHPATI this time 😀

It will only cost Rs.100 to participate in these amazing Bumper lotteries In India and they can turn your fate overnight which will let you afford all your lavish desires.

In addition to the above mentioned Punjab State Bumpers, Punjab State Lotteries have another Lottery Scheme that is Punjab State Weekly Lottery with a draw date on every WEDNESDAY. It can be purchased at the rate Rs.20/ticket and has First prize of 5lakh. Punjab State Lotteries offers many big prizes after 5 lakh that too in big numbers.
We publish Punjab State Bumper results and Punjab State Weekly results on our website immediately after the result get declared. So, you will always find it easy to download the respective Lottery Results on our website on result draw date.

Punjab State Lottery Baisakhi Bumper result, Punjab State New Year Bumper result, Punjab State Rakhi Bumper result, Punjab State Maa Lakhsmi Diwali Bumper result, Punjab State Weekly Lottery result and GOA STATE WEEKLY Lottery result will be sent to customer email ids who ever get registered with us here. Punjab state Bumper Results and Punjab State Weekly Results are published in local newspaper (Ajit Punjabi and Dainik Jagran). But people who have bought these lotteries living outside Punjab can see all Punjab lottery results on our website here on Result date.

Lotteries in India break their previous sales records every year which shows that more people buy Punjab State lotteries and other state lotteries every next year than the previous year and trying their luck to become part of the Crorepati list.

So, what are your plans this New Year? We have an exciting offer for you as well.

Buy Punjab State Lotteries Baisakhi Bumper 2017 this year and become next crorepati making this year memorable one.

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