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punjab state weekely lottery resuts 02 Feb 2016

Punjab State New Year Lohri Bumper 2016 Winner Mr. Bahadur Singh said

“I bought two lottery tickets on January 20 for Rs 200 each. Next day, when the result was announced, the ticket seller informed me that I was the winner,”

After getting prize money Punjab State New Year Lohri Bumper 2016 Winner Mr. Bahadur Singh’s wish is to donate some amount for religious purposes and to provide good education to his children. We again congratulate him on becoming a crorepati and we congarts to the other winners of Punjab State Lottery New Year Lohri Bumper 2016.

Don’t worry if not this time then next time you may become next corepati and your dreams may come true. Try Punjab State Baisakhi Bumper 2016 and pluck the luck.

Now is the season of Punjab State Baisakhi Bumper 2016. Its available in advance you can buy this from our website with 2% off on making online payment. All other details will be available soon.

Hurry up and grab the opportunity to become next crorepati.


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The dream of becoming a CROREPATI is common for everyone, but only a few in the world are able to strike it big. Even though you hope to become rich working hard, everyone knows that luck plays a major role in hitting a jackpot. The idea of spending a few RUPEES to earn a large sum of money is enticing and that is why lotteries and slots are popular. Both lotteries and slots let you to bet on luck, but deciding on the best way to become rich is important.


The odds of winning with lottery are about 50% to 55%. The odds of winning some prize with slots are 90% to 95%. You can win small amounts of money multiple times while playing slots. However, with slots, the odds of winning jackpot are very less. The lotteries allow you to win small prizes several times, but huge jackpots are much can take example of punjab state new year lohri bumper , price of first prize is 1,5000000 rupees. More lotteries bumper like this punjab state baisakhi bumper 2016,punjab state rakhi bumper 2016,punjab state diwali bumper 2016,Even though there may be multiple winners for the same set of numbers, the amount of money you are paid through lotteries is huge compared to slots.

Lotteries are highly regulated and the payout can sometimes reach hundreds of crores. Using the online lotteries, you can play punjab state lotteries irrespective of your nationality. This can hugely increase your chances of winning a jackpot because you can only play a limited number of slots even […]

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2016 Punjab State New Year Lohri Bumper Winner

Punjab State New Year Lohri Bumper 2016 Winner

First of all we congratulate Punjab State New Year Lohri Bumper 2016 Winner Mr. Bahadur Singh who won Rs. 1.5 Crores .

As announced before draw of Punjab State Lottery New Year Lohri Bumper 2016 was held on 21st January, 2016. Mega Prize of this lottery scheme was a sum of total Rs. 3 crores which was to be divided to first complete two numbers of both A & B series of tickets as 1.5 crores to each. The prize was guaranteed to be distributed to the public by Punjab State Govt. Number of two tickets which won Rs. 3 Crores were A-126934 (from A series) and B-979820 (from B series).

So many people try their luck in Punjab State Lottery schemes. They purchase tickets and wait for the result. Some got their luck changed and some try again with new hopes. Nobody knows when the luck will get changed. Some also gets surprised when good luck knocks their door. Like Others Mr. Bahadur who lives in village Lohara of Distt Shiri Muktsar Sahib purchased two tickets of Rs. 200 each exactly before one day of result on 20th January, 2016. Mr Singh is 50 years old & works as pump operator in the Department of Water Supply and Sanitation and is posted at Ghumiara village in Distt Shiri Muktsar Sahib.  With a hope of being crorepati he always try his luck by purchasing lottery tickets but always won small amount of money and he never loosed his hopes of becoming crorepati. This time also he pursed two tickets for Rs 200 each. And after results it was an rememberable moment of his life when he […]

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punjab state baisakhi bumper 2016


PUNJAB STATE BAISAKHI BUMPER 2016 punjab state weekly lottery

We also provide 2% extra offer on buying a Punjab State Bumper Lotteries (Punjab State Baisakhi Bumper,Punjab State Rakhi Bumper,Punjab State Diwali Bumper,Punjab State Lohri Bumper and Punjab State Weekly Lottery).PUNJAB STATE LOTTERY is pleased to inform that BAISKAHI BUMPER LOTTERY and Punjab State Weekly Lottery is avaliable for sale IN ADVANCED ,so Grab the opportunity and ORDER the Baisakhi Bumper or lohri Bumper or Diwali Bumper or Rakhi Bumper or Weekly Lottery.Their is Two Scheme Of Punjab State Lottery.First Punjab State Bumper Lotteries Scheme (Punjab State Baisakhi Bumper,Punjab State Rakhi Bumper,Punjab State Diwali Bumper,Punjab State Lohri Bumper)and Punjab State Weekly Lottery Scheme(Weekly lottery).Price Of Punjab State Bumper Lottery is Rs 100.We Have one Weekly Lotteries First is PUNJAB STATE WEEKLY LOTTERY Result declared on Every Wednesday At 5PM We Immediately Upload Result On Our Website.

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PUNJAB State Baisakhi Bumper 2016 Scheme



This Year PUNJAB STATE LOTTERY Come With The New Scheme Of Baisakhi Bumper Lottery
1) First Two prize Of Rs 1 Crore Each In Serious A/B Both First Prize Are Guaranteed To Public In Sold Tickets. Numbers Of Lottery are 20 Lakhs

Tickets Cost Of Rs 100

So Try Your Luck In This baisakhi and became a Crorepati MAY BE YOU COULD BE A NEXT WINNER OF BAISAKHI BUMPER LOTTERY.

More Than 100 Crorepati Made Buy Punjab State Lottery

Baisakhi Bumper Lottery Made Approx 25 Crorepaties. Punjab avow lottery made 7 or 8 crorepati all year and many of lakhpaties. In last year 2014 Approx 150 lakhpati made Buy Punjab divulge lotteries The Baisakhi Bumper is a Successfull Lottery from Last 18 Years So attempt your Luck In rs 100 Only.

Baisakhi Is The Festival Of Farmers. Baisakhi Bumper Starts In 1984 And made two Crorepaties Every Year. On 2011 Baisakhi Bumper Comes With MAHA BUMPER SCHEME The First Prize Was 2.50 Crore It was win buy Ludhiana Citizen And winner Profession Is Manfucture Of Electric Batteries And This Big Jacpot Was Selled Buy Gandhibrotherslottery.

We Sells Over In India And We Have 4000 Satisfaied Customers Lot of Prizes Comes On Your selling tickets.

punjab confess lottery is faith full lottery every single one prizes are real to the people who buying punjab confess lottery and you can plus lead online Baisakhi bumper

punjab state weekly lottery 2016 12 january 2016

Punjab State Weekly  Lottery  Results 2016: Weekly Draw 12.01.2016- Punjab State Lottery Weekly Results dated TODAY 12 January 2016 will release online officially live at 04.00 pm onward on website i.e.

punjab state weekly lottery

The 1st prize  of Rs 5 lakh winner is ticket no. _ _ _ _ _

2nd prize is of Rs 10,0000/– won by ticket no. _ _ _ _ _,

3rd prize of Rs 50,000/- won by ticket no._ _ _ _ _

many more cash awards given by
Punjab State Govt. We have provided list of all winners name dated 12 Jan 2016 at link mention in this site however
original draw may check from govt domain in pdf file, price of ticket is Rs 20/- and stay connected for latest alerts….

Download weekly result 12-jan-2016 SOON

Download weekly result 5-jan-2016

Punjab State New Year Lohri Bumper 2016

The Scheme shall be called the Punjab State New Year Lohri Bumper Scheme 2016 and a lottery marketed in the State of Punjab under this plan shall be called the Punjab State New Year Lohri Bumper Scheme 2016.

The take goal shall have Twenty Lakh lottery tickets considering series A and B , series numbering from 000000 to 999999 each.

The slant value of a single ticket shall be Rs 200/-.( Rupees Two hundred single-handedly). The Gross value of the tickets printed shall be Rs. 40,00,00,000/- ( Rs Forty crore Only).

The detail of Prizes for Winners and Promoter Prizes for Agents, Sub-agents and Sellers shall be as below

Strange Cases of Diwali Bumper Lottery Winners

Everyone wants to win the Punjab State Diwali Bumper 2015 lottery every time you buy Diwali Bumper Lottery ticket you dream about winning right? And hopefully your dream will come true… But there are those that their dream come true and indeed won the lottery. And they received the amount of money they dreamed for many years whether their dreams come true? And have lost all their winning funds… So if you are the next crorepati, Come and learn what not to do. Do you trust on your boss? In 2010, an immigrant in India called SHIVA SHANKAR purchased a lottery ticket and that he was lucky and won a prize of 20,000,000 but he was afraid to reach and get the prize. Because he thought he would be expelled from the country and did not get his win. And so what he did gave the ticket to his boss to prevent his deportation and they agreed that his boss would take the Winning funds for him. But what actually happened His boss took the prize for him and said he owned. In 2012, according to a court decision the money was returned to SHIVA SHANKAR after viewing surveillance camera footage of the ticket’s purchase.

What about throwing a million Rupees in the trash ?
One day Param and Deevyah go out for shopping bought a lottery ticket and when they came home began to organize their shopping and threw the bags in the trash together with the lottery ticket. But miraculously realized they threw the card in the trash, and immediately searched for it and found it this ticket was […]

Punjab State Baisakhi Bumper 2015 turning lives into Heaven!

Punjab State Baisakhi Bumper 2015 online

We, Punjab State Lottery, are going to share a very inspirational story of Rajesh Kumar, resident of Bihar, who was a labourer and have become crorepati in 2004 by winning jackpot prize of 1crore in Baisakhi Bumper scheme issued that time. We have asked him what was before & after version of his life and this is what he said.

“I, Rajesh Kumar, was a laborer and earned 150rs a day by working day and night to survive and run my family expenses. It was doing labour since I was only 14 and struggled a lot in my life to become something which was not happening even after doing everything I can do. So, one day I felt like tired from life and decided to try my fate in lottery as it was the only way left to become rich. So, from my hard earned money, I decided to play Punjab State Lottery as I had heard that it is very transparent system and have made many people crorepaties & lakhpaties since it has started in Punjab by Punjab Govt.

I purchased 3 Baisakhi Bumper tickets which costed me 300rs that time. It was equal to my one day income & was difficult to manage my family expenses after spending such big amount to something like lottery in which only fortune plays all role. I was knowing that if I loose, I will get nothing in return. Still, I kept faith in my luck and believed I will surely win something though not […]

Illinois Lottery offering free trolley service this Saturday in Chicago

CHICAGO, IL — To promote the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day Millionaire Raffle, the Illinois Lottery is offering a free trolley service for people 18 and over in Chicago this Saturday from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m.

The St. Patrick’s Day Millionaire Raffle trolleys will be available free in a continuous loop at the following locations throughout the day.

Union Station – 200 S. Riverside Plaza
House of Blues – 329 N. Dearborn Street
Bootleggers – 13 W. Division Street
The Cubby Bear – 1059 W. Addison Street
Bootleggers – 13 W. Division Street
House of Blues – 329 N. Dearborn Street
Union Station – 200 S. Riverside Plaza
The St. Patrick’s Day Millionaire Raffle provides players the chance to win one of three (3) $1 million prizes, four (4) $100,000 prizes, fifteen (15) $10,000 prizes, one hundred (100) $1,000 prizes, three thousand (3,000) $100 prizes and four thousand (4,000) $50 prizes.

St. Patrick’s Day Millionaire Raffle is played like a typical raffle game with a finite number of tickets and prizes. Each $20 raffle ticket, available only at brick and mortar lottery retailers, contains a unique number generated by the Lottery terminal.

To win one of the 7,122 prizes, a player’s raffle ticket must exactly match one of the 7,122 winning numbers selected in the drawing. If the Raffle does not sell out, the selection of 7,122 winners will still take place, with winners selected from the pool of sold tickets.

St. Patrick’s Day Raffle tickets will remain on sale until March 17, 2015, or until all tickets are sold — whichever comes first. The drawing will be held on March 18, 2015.

To participate in Punjab State Baisakhi Bumper 2015, click here. Draw of Baisakhi Bumper 2015 will be held on 20.04.2015