Prize highlights of Christmas(Xmas) yr Bumper 2014-2014 , (1st prize five large integer, ordinal onelarge integer, third five NO OF ten large integer RUPEES , four TH five variety 0F five large integer RUPEES)
NEWchristmas yr bumper 2014-2014 BR-35th lottery Result (Drawn on 14-01-2015 )

Ticket sales of christmas New-year bumper a pair of015 has been started on eighteenth Gregorian calendar month 2014 (18-11-2014) (the day POOJA bumper 2014 draw was made) and its Draw areconducted on eighteenth January 2014 Tuesday at 2.30 pm and result are revealed a similar day atfour.00pm.
Agent’s prize for 6th,7th,8th and ninth prizes, 100 percent of the prize quantity are going to be paid to the agentUN agency sold the prize price tag to the winner from the governement fund. which implies thewinner can get full quantity as prize and therefore the 100 percent are going to be given by the department.
1st prize to fifth prize as well as the conslation prize one lakhs, agent can get 100 percent of the prizequantity as agents commission from the award. therefore for illustration say man adult male winsthe first prize of five large integer for the price tag he baught from a lottery agent named Anil, then100 percent of the five large integer that is fifty large integer rupee are going to be subtractedfrom the five large integer and it’ll tend to the agent Anil, therefore winner adult male solely get fourlarge integer and fifty large integer as prize.How to claim winning prize (BR-41 price tag