OFFER WILL EXPIRE at 11pm monday morning.
I would personally like to inform that Baisakhi Bumper scheme is about to get expired on 20th morning at 11am. and draw process will start at 3pm and will end at 5pm on 20.04.2015 which is going to make 2 crorepaties and many lakhpaties.
We are left with last few Lucky Baisakhi Bumper lots which are available at Rs.200/per ticket on our website.
I request you all to spread a word and let you or your relatives, friends
buy these lucky lots of Baisakhi Bumper. I am sure, like previous bumpers,
many will get good prize out of the ticket stock left as it happened
everytime in previous bumper schemes.
Note: Postal charges are to be paid in addition to the lottery ticket price
which is 70/- and is to be paid per order not per ticket. Please make sure
you understand it.
Anybody interested to buy, should buy 2 lotteries to have their chance of
winning 1 crore in both series. And he should also buy it now to make sure
he receives his lottery order well before Draw Date i.e. 20.04.2015.
Visit :
All three are my websites only. So, you can pay there without any problem.
So, order more tickets here and increase your chances to win the Jackpot
prize i.e. 2crore.
IMP. NOTE:As you all are our privileged customers, we are happy to inform
you that you will receive bumper result file in your mail only on
20.04.2015. So, you will not feel any inconvenience.
Call +91-89686-25080 for any inquiries.
Thanks in anticipation of getting positive response.