Punjab State Baisakhi Bumper 2015 online

We, Punjab State Lottery, are going to share a very inspirational story of Rajesh Kumar, resident of Bihar, who was a labourer and have become crorepati in 2004 by winning jackpot prize of 1crore in Baisakhi Bumper scheme issued that time. We have asked him what was before & after version of his life and this is what he said.

“I, Rajesh Kumar, was a laborer and earned 150rs a day by working day and night to survive and run my family expenses. It was doing labour since I was only 14 and struggled a lot in my life to become something which was not happening even after doing everything I can do. So, one day I felt like tired from life and decided to try my fate in lottery as it was the only way left to become rich. So, from my hard earned money, I decided to play Punjab State Lottery as I had heard that it is very transparent system and have made many people crorepaties & lakhpaties since it has started in Punjab by Punjab Govt.

I purchased 3 Baisakhi Bumper tickets which costed me 300rs that time. It was equal to my one day income & was difficult to manage my family expenses after spending such big amount to something like lottery in which only fortune plays all role. I was knowing that if I loose, I will get nothing in return. Still, I kept faith in my luck and believed I will surely win something though not jackpot. My relatives, family, friends cursed me for spending this so needed amount on lottery which I could have spent on my children’s meal, school fee etc. But I faced all criticism and waited for the Baisakhi Bumper draw date.

It was some 20 days left when I bought Baisakhi Bumper and as the days proceeded, My daily routine life started suffering as now I was facing shortage of money to even fulfill our family daily meal. But my family supported me by not making me embarrass and we tolerated all hunger and thirst anyhow, believing that future days will be good unlike present and situation will change. With the days passing I forgot about the Baisakhi Bumper and started doing my labour work like earlier and continued that hand to mouth routine.

But who knows that my life was about to bring the most unexpected surprise to me. Draw date was reached and I got very nervous before draw of Baisakhi Bumper. And guess what, when draw had been held and results were announced, I went to Post office nearby our place and asked them about the Jackpot winning number as I was not knowing from where I can check the results moreover I was illitrate to understand and read. They checked the result from the Newspaper and informed me next day that Its my lottery number which has won the Jackpot Prize Under Baisakhi Bumper Scheme.

On hearing this news, I was about to loose my senses in happiness as I was unable to accept that fact that I am the lucky person among crores of people who have won 1 crore rupees. I and my family suddenly started crying by re-calling bad times we have gone through due to poverty. Now we were all excited that we are out of that bad phase of life and the time has come when we can live our lives our way and comfortably. Our children can go to school for higher education. Now I was able to afford to bring clothes for my wife and children who supported me through thick and thin.

I went to punjab to visit Punjab State Lotteries Dept, Chandigarh to receive my Jackpot prize. I presented my lottery to them and in return, they have given me 70lakh cash after deducting all taxes.

Now, my life was totally changed and I left doing labour and started a small karyana store in my village to serve people living around. Now I am earning handsome from my new business & everybody in the village, friends, relatives take me as inspiration on how I struggled and become crorepati one day.

So, I cant sing loud enough in praise of Punjab State Lottery who has made my life from hell to heaven. I highly recommend all my brothers and sisters to participate in Punjab State Lottery Bumper lottery schemes like Rakhi Bumper, Baisakhi Bumper, Diwali Bumper & New Year Lohri Bumper and become crorepati in no time. Its a trusted Lottery system I believe as they conduct draw process with full transparency i.e. it is being conducted in front of 4000 lottery dealers and customers in Punjab Bhawan, Ludhiana these days. So, you can play these bumper lotteries blindly. It will only take few hundred rupees but has potential to make you crorepati in return.

I will end saying “YOU can be the next Rajesh Kumar :)”

May you all become crorepati like me.” ~ Rajesh Kumar

As you can see it was quite inspiration to hear his story how he went through tough times and finally become crorepati by winning Baisakhi Bumper. So, why cant you be the one this time?

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