We are here to share story of Bhagat Ram, A small Street Vegetable vendor who become Punjab State New Year Lohri Bumper Lottery Winner 2012 today.

We all know that its upto God when he showers all his blessings on you and turn you from poor to super rich overnight. Similar way, there was a vegetable vendor in Haryana named Bhagat Ram who had a vegetable selling business on streets of haryana. He use to believe he will become Punjab State Lottery Winner one day. In the same interest, he use to buy Punjab State Lotteries in a hope he will become Winner of any of the Punjab State Bumper Lotteries one day.

His relatives, friends used to curse him for buying Punjab State lottery but who knows he will be proved right in doing that one day. He kept on buying all Punjab State Bumper Lotteries which includes four bumper lottery schemes namely Punjab State New Year Lohri Bumper, Punjab State Baisakhi Bumper, Punjab State Rakhi Bumper and Punjab State Maa Lakshmi Diwali Bumper.

He was having a big family so was his family expenses. He was facing great difficulty in meeting those expenses. He was knowing it will not be possible for him to meet this ever increasing family expenses for long. But he knew God will bail him out from this scenario one day. His faith was based on his habit of participating in Punjab State lottery. He very well knew its Punjab State Lottery which can turn his fate tables.

And then what?

The day came when God decided to turn his fate and made him crorepati. Bhagat Ram become winner of one of the four major Punjab State lotteries called Punjab State Lohri Bumper 2012. He wasnt believing initially that he has won big prize amount of 1 crore rupees. Now his life turned into heaven from hell overnight.

Now his faith in his fate and god has been increased from before. He still participate in all Punjab State Lottery Schemes.

I would suggest you all to have faith in Punjab State Bumper and weekly Lottery and do participate in all schemes to try your luck. Rs. 200 isnt a big deal for any of us if we spend it on trying our luck. If you loose you just loose Rs.200. But if you win, you win 1.75 crores and many big prizes.

Punjab State Lottery has launched Punjab State New Year Lohri Bumper 2015 with a draw date on 28.01.2015. If you win the first prize, you will get either 1.75cr or 500sq yard plot in Chandigarh. It will be upto you which prize to choose. Ticket cost is Rs.200( plus Rs.50 fixed for Postal charges). Many other big prizes are also available else than a plot and Prize money.

Lets participate in this Punjab State Lohri Bumper Now and become next crorepati!

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All the very best. May you be the next crorepati!